Interactive space for Fabmake's members

Industrial design UI/UX Laser cutting

During my four month internship at Fabmake in Nantes, I have been given the mission to create an interactive space in this place. This area had to include an interface to allow members to explain their projects. This interface records short videos of the members in which they explain their project and where they can ask help.

After the record, these videos are sent to a platform in free access for the community of the makers. The goal of these videos is to redefine the link between the makers and connect them to produce better project. In the course of this internship I have learnt how to use Makerbot 3D printer and laser cutting machine.

Thanks to this skills I produced the screen cover of the box. All the area and the furniture have been created by Olivier Daïrien, Mathieu, Laurila Burrati and myself.



mock up

Mock up


Final place

Special thank to Antoine Taillander, you can find his work here