A new approach to hair care

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We had the opportunity to work for SEB brand group. They needed our help to expand their product range of hairstyling devices. Our goal was to enable customers considering hairstyle and hair care in a brand new way.

Anne Lefèvre

Anne Lefèvre

Pauline Jouitteau

Pauline Jouitteau



1. Find the need of our customers. We created a form to analyse the needs and collect some data. 138 people answered, 107 women and 31 men. Thank this survey we find différent people who accepted to meet us.


2. We interviewed four women in their own home about their own hair experience. The different hair problems they have, the tools and beauty products they used. Each time we interviewed, we used open questions to let them talk freely.


3. Then, they showed us how they used their tools such as the hair straighteners or the hairdryer. We filmed everything for analysis.



Designer, 23



Administrative Assistant, 28



Jeweler, 31



Designer, 24


1. Hair protection: Our users had issues with existing hairstyling tools. For example, on a hair straightener, there is nothing on the machine that clearly explains when you will burn your hair, and everything depends on your type of hair.

2. The texture of their hair: Customers expressed this lack of information: they do not realise how their hair is, and how to better take care of it. They need a visualisation of this kind of data, in real time.

3. Rapidity: In each interview, gain time was a clear necessity. They want to be fast every morning before going to work.

4. Trend: These women are not following every trend. But they often want to change their haircut or find a new hairstyle, learning how to style it properly their hair.

5. Budget: Never forgetting their budget, they agree on paying for a good product which can help them every day, but not if it is too expensive.

Hairdresser point of view

Then, we interviewed a broad range of hairdressers. We wanted to know what exactly customers are looking for when they go to the hair-stylist.


Thank all these pieces of information collected, we identified three main directions all under the umbrella of one problematic.

Advice & Learning

«Customers are always seeking advice about their hair routine, tools and products.»


«Be reassuring about the client's hair condition.»

Trend & Change

«Customers are following fashion trends.»

Reinforce the beauty process by defining purposes



"Her" is a smart object which uses your data to create the perfect schedule for your hair with your favorite tools and daily requirements. It analyses your hair with the sound ( and other sensors as accelerometer, gyroscope) and determines what they need to reach your goal the quickest.

We create a new range of products and a mobile app.

The smart device

In the beginning, we were focused on a ring that you could plug on different hair tools. I tried to do some quick and dirty mockups in aluminum to see the ergonomy and the way to use it, it was completely unusable.


Test with the aluminium ring

I continued to search for another shape. After sketches and plaster mockup, I finally found a shape which molds perfectly the hand and the everyday hair tools.




Plaster tests

I began to 3D-model with SolidWorks and 3D-print it to check the ergonomy of the product. I repeated it until finding the good shape and size. After that, I created the hair-dryer for the new product range in 3D. I used Keyshot for the 3D rendering.

Keyshot rendering

Final 3D rendering of the little brush HER and the hairdryer of the new product range

I printed in 3D our little brush and the Hairdryer. I created the electronic part of the little product and inserted it into each model. After some coats of paint, we had a functional prototype.

work in progress
work in progress
work in progress
work in progress

The companion App


First, we begin to see how could works other apps for haircare and Skincare.

We find a real interest in sharing advice, trend and have a strong community between users. They are more in confidence if other people in the community agree about a recommended product. They are also interested in expert or youtuber advice.

The second interest is in the possibility to follow the data about their hair. Knowing the exact condition at every moment could reassure them.


Then we begin to work on the architecture of the app. Everything we needed to create a useful app for the user.

User story

To find the perfect way to use it, we begin with some simple user story to be sure to have the most ergonomic and intelligent flow. We add some acceptance criteria to challenge ourselves.

"User story 1: As a user, I want to complete a program"

Acceptance criteria: Complete a simple program in only four actions.

"User story 2: As a user, I want to add a product to the program"

Acceptance criteria: Create the possibility to add a product/style with just 3 screens.

User flow & low fidelity mockup
Hight fidelity mock up

We tested some interactions.

I met a second time one of our users Laure, to let her try the project and have feedback. She was interested in the project and gave me the keys to improve the product and the application. I made a final video with her.


Final project

Final Mockup

For our final presentation, we put everything together and showed the concept to SEB brand group. They gave an enthusiastic welcome to our project and told us that they will continue to develop the product in this direction.

hand with product